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Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Plates

Need a replacement plate or plate pack for an Alfa Laval heat exchanger? Call us to get a quote.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Gaskets

At WCR UK, we offer replacement gaskets for all models of Alfa Laval heat exchangers. 

Alfa Laval Emergency Repair

Do you need emergency support with your Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger? Give us a call for urgent assistance.

Alfa Laval Maintenance

Stay ahead of costly breakdowns with our scheduled maintenance programs for all models of Alfa Laval heat exchangers.

WCR UK, Your Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Service Partners

We specialise in plate heat exchanger repair, maintenance and support for all Alfa Laval heat exchanger models. We have worked on Alfa Laval heat exchangers for many years, in various industries across many processes and equipment types. It’s safe to say you are in good hands if you choose WCR UK to support your Alfa Laval exchangers.

Why Choose Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval’s plate heat exchangers are renowned for their superior quality, endurance, and performance. Designed to deliver optimal efficiency across numerous applications, Alfa Laval heat exchangers are a trusted choice for your heating and cooling requirements.

Applications of Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval heat exchangers find applications in a diverse array of industries including HVAC, oil and gas, renewable energy, food and beverage, marine, and more. Their flexible design and high performance make them an excellent fit for a variety of environments.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Technology

Alfa Laval heat exchangers utilize advanced engineering and premium-quality materials to optimize heat transfer efficiency. Their distinctive design and sturdy construction ensure reliable performance and extended service life.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Specifications

Equipment Types:

  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Hot Water Heat Exchangers Packages
  • Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Fully Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Heat Exchanger Frames

Frame Types:

  • Industrial Painted Frames – Blue
  • Hygienic Stainless Steel Frames

Flow Type:

  • Most models parallel flow

Connection Types:

  • Range of industrial and hygienic connections

Gasket Type:

  • Clip and some Glue type

Gasket Materials:

  • NBR, NBRP, HNBR High Temperature, EPDM, EPDMP
  • Viton (FKMG, FKMT, FKMB), Other material available on request

Chevron Pattern:

  • Most plate models available in two patterns – high and low theta

Plate Material:

  • 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium, SMO, Other material available on request

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

We offer expert installation services for Alfa Laval heat exchangers and provide comprehensive maintenance advice to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Parts & Support

Spare Parts:

  • Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets including Food Grade (FDA or 3A)
  • Plate Heat Transfer Plates including Double Wall Safety Plates
  • Frame Liners & Port Rings
  • Frame Parts, Tie Bolts & Carrier Bars

On Site Servicing:

  • Complete Heat Exchanger service including pressure testing. 

Off Site Servicing:

  • Clean, test and re-gasket of plate packs
  • Overhaul of complete Plate Heat Exchanger including pressure test
  • Collection of plate packs or Plate Heat Exchangers from site

New Equipment:

  • Supply and installation of identical Plate Heat Exchangers

Site Survey:

  • Free site survey of your plate heat exchangers available on request

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Models

Looking for parts for a specific model of Alfa Laval heat exchanger? We can provide parts as well as help with maintenance and repair for all of the Alafal Laval models listed below. Don’t worry if your model of heat exchanger is not listed; give us a call and we will be able to advise.

Alfa Laval

M SeriesP SeriesA SeriesT SeriesCliplineWidegapWelded ModelsOther Alfa Laval Models

Manufacturers We Work With

We supply gaskets, plates (single and packs), parts, support and maintenance for all major plate heat exchanger manufacturers, including Alfa Laval and many more.

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