WCR UK Ltd Announces Partnership with Carlsberg for Plate Heat Exchanger Inspection, Cleaning and Service Project

wcr uk plate heat exchanger cleaning process

Chesterfield, UK – WCR UK Ltd, a leading provider of comprehensive service solutions for plate heat exchangers, is proud to announce its recent partnership with Carlsberg for a significant project involving the inspection, cleaning, and service of 600 large heat exchanger plates.

With over 20 years of experience in Plate heat exchanger service, plate heat exchanger cleaning, plate heat exchanger inspection, and plate heat exchanger maintenance, WCR UK Ltd is committed to improving industrial efficiency and saving time, money, and resources for all major manufacturers of Plate Heat Exchangers. 

The company is proud to have recently worked with Carlsberg on a significant project, demonstrating its expertise and dedication to providing comprehensive service solutions.

With its extensive experience and expertise, WCR is more than capable of tackling this substantial undertaking, which involves the cleaning and testing 4 PHEs with 150 twin plates in each unit.

The project began with extensive planning and preparation, including in-person and online inductions for WCR engineers and a day planning meeting on the first day of work. Over the course of eight days, all the plates will be removed from the site, shipped to WCR in Chesterfield, and put through a rigorous cleaning and testing program before being re-gasketed and ready for return and installation.

WCR UK Ltd is excited to have the opportunity to work with Carlsberg on this important project and looks forward to continuing to support industrial efficiency through its comprehensive service solutions.

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