WCR UK Announces Partnership With Carlsberg for Plate Heat Exchanger Inspection, Cleaning and Service Project

wcr uk plate heat exchanger cleaning process

Chesterfield, UK – WCR UK Ltd, a top-notch provider of all-in-one service solutions for plate heat exchangers, is excited to share news about teaming up with Carlsberg on a big deal. This project focuses on inspecting, scrubbing, and servicing 600 large heat exchanger plates.

With a solid 20 years under its belt, WCR UK Ltd has been all about plate heat exchanger services, cleaning, inspections, and maintenance. Their goal? Making industrial efficiency better and saving time, dough, and resources for the big shots in Plate Heat Exchangers manufacturing.

The company is chuffed to have recently joined forces with Carlsberg on this impressive project, showcasing its know-how and commitment to top-notch service solutions.

With loads of experience and skills, WCR is ready to take on this massive task, giving 4 PHEs, each with 150 twin plates, a good scrub, and a thorough check.

The project started with loads of planning and groundwork, including face-to-face and virtual training for WCR engineers and a full day of strategizing on day one. Then, over eight action-packed days, all the plates will be whisked away from the site to WCR in Chesterfield, where they’ll undergo serious cleaning and testing. Once they’re all spruced up and re-gasketed, they’ll be ready to head back and be installed.

WCR UK Ltd is stoked to partner with Carlsberg on this important project and can’t wait to keep pushing industrial efficiency through their all-in-one service solutions.

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