Heat Exchanger Support Services to the Food Industry

Complete heat exchanger repair services to the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Emergency Food and Beverage Heat Exchanger Support

Please fill out the enquiry form and well get back to you as soon as possible. If you enquiry is urgent you can call us on 01246 856396.

Your Trusted Heat Exchanger Partner in Food, Beverage and Dairy Production

At WCR UK Ltd, we provide expert heat exchanger repair services tailored to the food industry, whether cooling, heating, or pasteurisation. Our experienced team of engineers will to diagnose, repair, and optimise your CIP and refrigeration heat exchanger systems, maximising efficiency and ensuring peak performance. The food and beverage industry relies on WCR UK, from pasteurisation to heating and cooling.

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Our Food, Beverage and Dairy Heat Exchanger Services

With over 25 years in the field, we prioritise reducing downtime and maintaining the highest hygiene and safety standards. Our services range from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, replacement plates and gaskets, all designed to meet strict food safety regulations and extend the lifespan of your sanitary equipment.

Heat Exchanger Service

Repair and Maintenance

Rapid turnaround on food and beverage heat exchanger repairs minimising costly downtime.

Heat Exchanger testing

Testing and Inspection

Non-destructive integrity testing of food grade heat exchangers to the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Heat Exchanger gaskets

Replacement Gaskets

Replacement OEM spec gaskets for all major OEMs of sanitary grade plate heat exchangers, in stock, ready for delivery.

Heat Exchanger plates

Replacement Plates

Replacement OEM spec plates and for all major OEMs of sanitary grade plate heat exchangers, in stock, ready for delivery.

Specialised Heat Exchanger Solutions Across Industry Sectors

Our comprehensive heat exchanger services are provided across multiple sectors within the food and beverage industry, including dairy, brewing, vegetable oil, sugar, fruit processing, and soft drinks.

Heat Exchanger Services for the Dairy Industry


Milk pasteurisation, milk reception, cultured milk treatment, UHT, cream pasteurisation, ice cream mix treatment, cheese milk heat treatment.

Heat Exchanger Services for the Brewing Industry


Wort boiling, wort cooling, beer cooling, beer pasteurisation.

Vegetable oil

Product heating, product cooling, product economising, cooling water systems, hot water systems, waste water treatment

Heat Exchanger Services for the sugar_ Industry


Water, juice, syrup and molasses heating; juice demineralisation and evaporation

Fruit processing

Pasteurisation of juices, nectar, and concentrates, cooling of final product

Soft drinks

Pasteurisation of syrup and final product, water heating, and sugar dissolving of final product