Full-Service Regasketing

Comprehensive Gasket Renewal & Optimisation Procceses

Tailored Regasketing

We customise our service to fit each heat exchanger model, gasket type, and bonding agent, ensuring a perfect match every time.

Industry-Leading Standards

Our regasketing methods set the benchmark in heat exchanger repairs, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

Rigorous Quality Checks

Before and after applying the gasket, we conduct thorough checks to ensure it sticks well, lines up correctly, and works as it should.

Optimal Function Assurance

With our meticulous process, we ensure your heat exchanger operates safely and at its best after regasketing.

Precision Regasketing for Heat Exchangers

We set the standard in heat exchanger repair with our tailored regasketing. Each service is customized to the model, gasket, and bonding agent. Before and after applying the gasket, we thoroughly check to ensure it fits and works perfectly.

Heat Exchanger Re-Gasketing Procedure

Plate Logging & Expert Review

Every plate is recorded for accountability and clarity during maintenance. Our seasoned experts inspect each piece before any work starts, ensuring only necessary parts are reconditioned.

Thorough Cleaning

We start with a thorough cleaning involving strong pressure wash and if needed, a hand scrub to clear build-up. Plates then undergo a chemical bath tailored to their material, removing deposits and boosting efficiency. Stubborn glue is tackled with a special agent. Our cleaning method is industry-leading.

Dye Testing for Precision

Our comprehensive dye testing procedure and integrity leak detection spots cracks or flaws before regasketing. We can detect even tiny imperfections using a special dye, preventing future issues and saving on potential costs.

Gasket Groove Prep

Proper preparation is vital. Any leftover glue can affect new gasket adhesion. Our experts spot and address issues like rolled grooves, which can cause leaks, ensuring the plate pack seals correctly. We can often repress plates, extending their lifespan.

Gasket Application

We use gasket materials tailored to your needs and the right adhesives based on various factors. Each gasket is cleaned and then expertly applied by our seasoned team.

Oven Cure for Durability

Gaskets are compressed and then heat cured in an oven to strengthen their bond. This method, standard at WCR, ensures gaskets last longer and work efficiently after re-installation.

Final Check & Testing

Plates undergo a final inspection for any issues. If provided, plates are arranged in order for easy installation. Plate packs with frames are tested to mimic real-world use. Every plate must pass our quality control. If any fail within a year* under set conditions, we’ll replace them free of charge.

*Conditions apply. Changes in operation causing damage aren’t covered.

Trusted for Plate Heat Exchanger Re-gasketing and Support

At WCR UK, we work with all kinds of industries and processes, large and small in industries such as Energy and Power, Petrol and Chemical, Food and Beverage and Marine. Our clients include the NHS, MOD, Carlsberg and many more.

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