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Why Choose FUNKE Plate Heat Exchangers

FUNKE Plate Heat Exchangers stand out in the market due to their sophisticated range of products tailored to almost any requirement in mechanical and plant engineering.

FUNKE’s unique ‘Off-Set’ system with asymmetrical flow gaps creates highly efficient and cost-effective devices, whose performance per area can be up to 17% higher than conventional plate heat exchangers.

Applications of FUNKE Heat Exchangers

FUNKE Heat Exchangers are widely used for energy recovery, cooling and heating products, creating/condensing steam, and controlling product temperature.

These devices find applications in a myriad of industries including but not limited to, HVAC, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

FUNKE Heat Exchanger Technology

FUNKE offers two major types of heat exchangers: Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers. The Gasketed variants consist of adjoining embossed plates assembled at a 180° angle to each other, forming a flow gap. The Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, on the other hand, are recognized for their high heat transfer performance and low-pressure losses due to the optimised corrugation of the embossed stainless steel plates and special insert turbulence plates.

FUNKE Heat Exchanger Specifications

Equipment Types:

  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Frame Types:

  • Compact design
  • Highly flexible

Flow Type:

  • Single and multiple-pass flows

Connection Types:

  • Rubber mouldings
  • Metal liners
  • Welding neck flange
  • Tri-Clamp
  • Dairy pipe
  • Aseptic

Gasket Type:

  • Mechanically secured gaskets (standard)
  • Glued gaskets

Gasket Materials:

  • NBR in various qualities
  • EPDM in various qualities
  • Chloroprene
  • Butyl
  • FPM (Viton) in various qualities

Chevron Pattern:

  • Thermodynamically optimised embossing

Plate Material:

FUNKE heat exchangers utilise a range of plate materials to ensure optimal performance across various applications.

Standard plate materials include:

  • 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • 1.4404 / 1.4401 (AISI 316L/AISI 316)

Special plate materials depending on the application:

  • 1.4539 (N08904 / 904L)
  • 1.4547 (254 SMO / S31254)
  • 2.4066/2.4068 (Nickel 200 / Nickel 201)
  • 2.4602 (Alloy C-22)
  • 2.4819 (Alloy C-276)
  • 2.4605 (Alloy 59)
  • 3.7025 (Titan Gr. 1) / 3.7225 (TiPd, Titan Gr. 11)
  • Tantal

These materials are selected for their unique attributes in heat transfer, resistance to corrosion, and durability, making FUNKE’s heat exchangers a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

FUNKE Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

FUNKE Heat Exchangers offer an advantage of easy servicing and maintenance owing to their design. The plate assembly can be re-tightened multiple times until the lower limit is reached, reducing the need for regular replacements.

FUNKE Heat Exchanger Parts & Services

Spare Parts:

WCR UK provides replacement gaskets and plates for your FUNKE heat exchangers.

On-Site Servicing:

Our team of professionals are ready to deliver high-quality on-site repair and maintenance services to ensure your FUNKE Heat Exchangers operate at maximum efficiency.

Off-Site Servicing:

We also offer off-site repair and maintenance services for your heat exchangers in our state-of-the-art facilities.

New Equipment:

WCR UK supplies new FUNKE plate heat exchangers, helping you update or expand your operations as needed.

Site Survey:

Our experts can conduct a comprehensive site survey to help you identify the most effective and efficient heat exchange solutions for your business.


With WCR UK, you can be confident in the performance and longevity of your FUNKE heat exchangers, backed by our commitment to delivering quality, reliable services, and parts.

Manufacturers We Work With

We supply high-quality, reliable parts, gaskets, plates, and new units for all major plate heat exchanger manufacturers, not just FUNKE. 

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FUNKE Heat Transfer Plates

Need high-quality replacement plates for your FUNKE Gasketed heat exchangers? WCR UK provides plates suitable for all applications, from industrial processes to refrigeration and food processing.

FUNKE Heat Exchanger Gaskets

At WCR UK, we offer premium replacement gaskets for all FUNKE gasketed plate heat exchangers. 

FUNKE Plate Heat Exchanger Sales

We sell durable FUNKE BPHEs and GPHEs designed to withstand high pressure. Perfect for transferring heat across the entire surface, our products meet the stringent demands of various industrial applications.

FUNKE Service, Repair & Maintenance

WCR UK services and repairs all FUNKE plate heat exchangers, maximising heat transfer. Our class-leading cleaning and testing processes will keep your equipment running optimally.

FUNKE Plate Heat Exchanger Models

We supply replacement plates and gaskets for the below models of FUNKE gasketed plate heat exchangers. Contact us if your model is not listed, as we will be able to advise and help.

Funke FP Plate Heat Exchangers


Funke FPS Plate Heat Exchangers


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