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GEA-Kelvion Heat Exchanger Plates

Need a replacement plate or plate pack for an GEA-Kelvion heat exchanger? Call us to get a quote.

GEA-Kelvion Heat Exchanger Gaskets

At WCR UK, we offer replacement gaskets for all models of GEA-Kelvion heat exchangers. 

GEA-Kelvion Emergency Repair

Do you need emergency support with your GEA-Kelvion Heat Exchanger? Give us a call for urgent assistance.

GEA-Kelvion Maintenance

Stay ahead of costly breakdowns with our scheduled maintenance programs for all models of GEA-Kelvion heat exchangers.

WCR UK Provide Repair, Maintenance, Gaskets and Plates for GEA-Kelvion Heat Exchangers

We specialise in plate heat exchanger repair, maintenance and support for all GEA-Kelvion heat exchanger models. We have worked on GEA-Kelvion heat exchangers for many years in various industries across many processes and equipment types.

Why Choose GEA-Kelvion Plate Heat Exchangers

GEA/Kelvion plate heat exchangers stand as the epitome of scientific innovation, advanced engineering, and unparalleled efficiency.

These systems offer superior operational efficiency while minimising operational costs, ensuring optimal economic performance.

The GEA/Kelvion brand signifies versatile heat transfer solutions that provide lower investment costs and maximum flexibility, adapting to your specific needs. Their user-friendly assembly and EcoLoc sealing technology translate to lower service and maintenance costs.

Applications of GEA/Kelvion Plate Heat Exchangers

Versatility defines GEA/Kelvion plate heat exchangers. Whether it’s HVAC, chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, or refrigeration, these heat exchangers excel across a wide range of industries. Their capability to efficiently handle different media, pressures, and temperatures makes them a go-to solution for energy-efficient heat transfer.

GEA/Kelvion Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, GEA/Kelvion plate heat exchangers deliver optimum heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop. The availability of gasketed and fully welded heat exchangers accommodates diverse application requirements.

With a wide selection of gasket and plate materials, these heat exchangers can withstand a variety of temperatures and chemically challenging fluids.

GEA/Kelvion Plate Heat Exchanger Specifications

Equipment Type:

  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Frame Types:

  • Industrial Painted Frames – Dark Green, Blue, or White
  • Stainless Steel Frames

Flow Type:

  • Predominantly Parallel flow

Connection Types:

  • Typically male BSP threaded or flanged stainless steel, titanium, or rubber-lined

Gasket Type:

  • Predominantly Clip with some Glue type (EcoLoc)

Gasket Materials:

  • NBR
  • EPDM
  • Viton (FKMG)
  • Additional materials available upon request

Chevron Pattern:

  • Most plate models are available in 3 patterns – H, V, and P

Plate Material:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy
  • SMO
  • Additional materials available upon request

GEA-Kelvion Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

GEA-Kelvion plate heat exchangers boast ease of installation and straightforward maintenance. Initial setup includes selecting the right model and positioning, followed by secure connection to your system.
Maintenance involves regular inspections and servicing. 
This includes cleaning and testing of plate packs, replacing gaskets as needed, and conducting pressure tests to ensure optimal operation. GEA-Kelvion’s unique design, especially the EcoLoc gasket system, simplifies this process, saving time and effort.
Whether you choose onsite or offsite servicing, expert assistance is available to ensure your GEA-Kelvion heat exchanger functions at peak efficiency and longevity. By adhering to maintenance guidelines, you maximize your heat exchanger’s performance and lifespan, thereby safeguarding your investment.

GEA-Kelvion Plate Heat Exchanger Parts & Services

Spare Parts:

  • Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers, including food-grade (FDA or 3A)
  • Plate Heat Transfer Plates, including double wall safety plates
  • Frame Liners & Port Rings
  • Frame Parts, Tie Bolts & Carrier Bars

On-Site Servicing:

  • Comprehensive Heat Exchanger service, inclusive of pressure testing

Off-Site Servicing:

  • Cleaning, testing, and re-gasketing of plate packs
  • Complete Plate Heat Exchanger overhaul, including pressure testing
  • Collection of plate packs or Plate Heat Exchangers from the site

New Equipment

  • Supply and installation of identical Plate Heat Exchangers

Site Survey

  • Free site survey of your plate heat exchangers is available upon request.

Manufacturers We Work With

We supply high-quality, reliable parts, gaskets, plates, and new units for all major plate heat exchanger manufacturers, not just GEA/Kelvion. 

GEA Plate Heat Exchangers

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GEA Plate Heat Exchanger Models

We supply replacement plates and gaskets for the below models of GEA gasketed plate heat exchangers.

GEA EcoFlex Plate Heat Exchanger Free-Flow FA / N / NF Series

FA 157FA 159FA 161FA 184 NGFA 184 WGN 40NF 350

GEA Laser-Welded Cassettes - LWC Series

LWC 100 TLWC 100 MLWC 100 XLWC 150 SLWC 150 LLWC 250 SLWC 250 LLWC 350 SLWC 350 MVT 2508

GEA Heat Exchangers NT Series

NT 100 MNT 100 TNT 100 XNT 150 LNT 150 SNT 250 LNT 250 SNT 350 SNT 50 MNT 50 TNT 50 XNT 50 M
VT 805VT 80VT 80 MVT 80 PVT 1306VT 130 FVT 130 KVT 180VT 250VT 2508


VT 04VT 04 PVT 10VT 20VT 20 PVT 405VT 40VT 40 MVT 40 P

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