Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

WCRUK's heat exchanger cleaning processes can help extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs by removing harmful contaminants and restoring efficiency to your system.

Heat exchanger service and repair

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Reduce costs, improve efficiency with our plate heat exchanger cleaning services

Heat exchangers are a critical component in many industries, but they can be difficult to clean.

WCR Service invented the heat exchange cleaning process that’s been imitated by other heat exchanger companies. 

We built our reputation by utilising select cleansing methods for different applications, using the most advanced equipment on the market to remove all of the contaminants from your system returning the heat exchanger specifications to optimal performance.

You can trust us to clean your heat exchanger with care and precision. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing quality service at competitive rates. 

Do plate heat exchangers need to be cleaned?

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Keep your Plate Heat exchanger running at peak performance

Pre-cleaning of the heat exchanger includes high-pressure water cleaning and, if necessary, a brush scrub to remove loose scaling and fouling. 

A high-pressure steam clean will follow in cases where there is severe fouling or scaling.

Chemical Bath
WCRUK cleans thousands of heat exchanger plates every year. The plates are cleaned in different ways depending on how they are used. 

To clean the plates, we use different chemicals, temperatures and agitation processes. We often use more than one solution to clean them; sometimes it takes hours for the acid to work before then using a high-temperature caustic solution.

Why Choose WCR UK?

We clean heat exchangers for all industries across the country. We have the experience and the equipment necessary to clean your exchanger properly. Our experts will make sure that nothing is overlooked.

WCRUK service specialists are available to provide expert advice on how best to clean your system. With over 20 years of experience in this field, you can rest assured that your equipment is in safe hands.

Heat exchanger service and repair

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What are plate heat exchangers?

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are used in many industries to efficiently transfer thermal energy from a hot fluid stream to a cold fluid stream. These exchangers have many applications, such as transferring heat from warm water for use in cooking or pasteurizing milk. They can also cool down liquids that are too hot and need refrigeration.

Read more about plate heat exchangers and how to maintain a heat exchanger for optimal operation.

Just some of the industries that use gasketed plate heat exchangers include;

Example plate heat exchanger cleaning in the marine industry
A marine plate heat exchanger cleaner is a necessary product for keeping these important pieces of equipment functioning properly. The cleaner helps to dissolve any build-up of deposits that may have formed, and also helps to reduce the risk of corrosion. By regularly using a marine plate heat exchanger cleaner, you can help to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your heat exchanger.


A gasket heat exchanger consists of a series of metal plates, with each pair of plates sandwiching a thin rubber or plastic gasket. The gaskets act as seals, preventing the two fluids from mixing while they are being heated or cooled. In addition, each plate has a series of channels that alternate between the hot and cold fluid streams, allowing thermal energy to be transferred from one stream to the other.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are efficient and can be used in various applications where heat needs to be transferred from one fluid to another. However, it is crucial that plate heat exchanger maintenance is carried out on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are also referred to as;

  • gasket heat exchanger
  • plate and frame heat exchangers
  • plate and frame heat exchanger
  • plate to plate heat exchanger
  • plate type heat exchanger

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