Heat Exchanger Regasketing

Enjoy longer life from your heat exchanger with our full-service regasketing! We specialise in the regasketing of exchangers, and our processes are the GOLD standard for repairing plate heat exchangers.

Heat exchanger service and repair

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Your Plate heat exchanger is a vital piece of equipment; make sure it's working correctly

Heat exchangers are critical in many industrial processes and are often neglected.

This is a problem because when your heat exchanger wears out, it’s not just the cost to replace it that you have to worry about – there’s also the downtime and lost production while your equipment is being repaired.

It doesn’t matter what type of exchanger you have; we can help.

Our team of experts can re-gasket your heat exchanger with our full-service service! We’ll replace the old gasket with a new one, ensuring proper alignment, adhesion, and function. You’ll get back up and running in no time at all!

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The best service in the industry for PHE regasketing

Your plate heat exchanger is a vital piece of equipment, don’t wait until your exchanger wears out to have it fixed! Instead, have it repaired now so you can continue to use it without any extensive downtime.

Get the most out of your heat exchanger with our regasketing process

Plate heat exchangers are a crucial component in many industries. WCR UK provides re-gasketing for all major manufacturers of heat exchangers in a wide range of industries.

We offer the best full-service re-gasketing in the industry, and we’re dedicated to restoring the productivity of your heat exchanger.

1. Initial Plate Log and Inspection

Each plate and component is logged to assure responsibility and show transparency throughout the maintenance process of your heat exchanger. Trained experts with years of experience with all heat exchanger brands and models inspect every piece of equipment before completing any work on the unit. WCRUK will only recondition parts that require attention.

2. Clean and Remove Gaskets

WCRUK advanced plate cleaning begins with a powerful pressure wash, and, if necessary scrubbed by hand, to remove product build-up and scale. Plates are then bathed in a series of non-abrasive chemicals to eliminate deposits and restore plate efficiency. Finally, stubborn glue is removed using an acetone-based de-bonding agent.

3. Dye Test

Dye penetrant test for crack and pinhole detection in the plates. Critical to preventing fluid crossover. Removal of dye penetrant fluid.

4. Prepare Gasket Groove

Gasket groove preparation is imperative before applying new gaskets. Left-over glue residue can cause the new gaskets not to adhere correctly and dramatically reduce the lifetime of the gaskets. Rolled grooves are the #1 cause of external leakage. Trained professionals at WCRUK are taught to identify a rolled groove during the inspection process to prevent the regasketing of the plate. If it’s not identified, the plate pack will not seal properly, causing costly downtime. WCRUK will be able to repress the plates in most cases to allow the plate back into operation, saving money and extending the life of the heat exchanger.

5. Apply Gasket

WCRUK Service utilises a gasket material specified for your operating conditions, selecting proper adhesives (excluding clip-on) based on application, temperature, and pressure, all crucial in maximising the longevity of the heat exchanger. Using incorrect material or adhesives result in drastically reduced up-times. Each gasket is cleaned before installation. The gasket itself is applied only by qualified WCRUK professionals who have experience with all models of plate heat exchangers.

6. Compress & Oven Cure

Oven curing takes place to strengthen the adhesive bond in tightened frames. Before heating, the gasket is compressed into the plate groove by specific tightening dimensions. Standard at WCRUK, all glued gaskets are then heat cured under pressure in an industrial oven for between 3-4 hours at temperatures reaching 310° F. Heat cured gaskets last up to ten times longer than uncured rubber glued gaskets. Alternate curing methods are used for some bonding agents and models. Heat curing extends the life of the gaskets and ensures trouble-free operation after re-installation.

7. Final Inspection & Hydro-Test

Every plate is carefully inspected for gasket straightness, solid bonding, excess adhesives, and deformations. If drawings or arrangements are supplied, the plate sequence will be returned to assembly order, allowing for quick and easy installation. Plate packs sent along with frames are hydro-tested to simulate the operating levels of the application. No plate will leave our facility without passing this final quality control stage.

If any plates immediately fail in operation*, replacement plates are provided at no additional charge.

*Up to a year. However, this depends on maintaining set operating conditions after the plates are re-installed into the unit. Any changes in operation that cause damage to the plates/gaskets are not covered in this guarantee.

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