Alfa Laval BaseLine 10

Gasketed plate heat exchanger for hygienic applications

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  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverages
  • Home and Personal care


  • High energy efficiency – low operating cost
  • Flexible configuration – heat transfer area can be modified
  • Easy to install – compact design
  • High serviceability – easy to open for inspection and cleaning and easy to clean by CIP
  • Access to our service network


Every detail is carefully designed to ensure thermal efficiency, optimal performance and easy cleaning. Selection of available features, depending on configuration some features may not be applicable:

  • Corner guided alignment system
  • Chocolate pattern distribution area
  • Clip-on gasket
  • Leak chamber
  • Bearing boxes
  • Fixed bolt head
  • Key hole bolt opening
  • Lock washer
  • Adjustable feet

Technical data


PlatesTypeFree channel, mm (inches)
BSingle plate 2.6 (0.10)
M Single plate 4.0 (0.16)


  • Heat transfer plates: 304/304L, 316/316L, 254 Ti
  • Field gaskets: NBR, EPDM
  • Connections: Acid proof stainless steel
  • Frame and pressure plate: Solid stainless steel, cladded stainless steel or surface coated

Other materials may be available on request.

Operational data

Frame typeMax. design pressure
barg (psig)
Max. design
temperature °C (°F)
RM, pvcALS 10.0 (145) 160 (320)
RM, PED 10.0 (145) 160 (320)
Extended pressure and temperature rating may be available on request.


  • DIN, SMS, Tri-CLAMP, BS/RJT and IDF/ISO male parts.

The plate heat exchanger is manufactured according to 3A certification. The gaskets are produced in compliance with the regulations of FDA. Other materials may be available on request. All option combinations may not be configurable.

Dimensional drawing

Measurements mm (inches)

Alfa Laval Base 10 technical drawing

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