SWEP Brazed Plate Exchanger Model TReg

T-REG is an integrated solution that combines an electrical heater, a heat exchanger, and the connecting piping. The concept is designed for applications requiring quick and accurate temperature control to ensure high productivity and quality (e.g. in the plastic molding industry). Integrated into a single unit, T-REG provides the electric heater that gives the plastic paste the right viscosity, a single-phase water-to-water heat exchanger that cools the mold to harden the plastic, and all the required piping between the two. The result is a compact, easy-to-install solution that offers extremely accurate temperature control. The same envelope is used for all models, which offer up to 12 kW heating and 70 kW cooling (based on 20 °C inlet temperature and 30 l/min cooling water). The unit has a footprint of 250×200×80 mm.

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