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At WCRUK we service, repair, maintain and supply plates and gaskets for all models of HRS plate heat exchangers.

HRS Heat Exchanger Plates

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HRS Heat Exchanger Gaskets

At WCR UK, we offer replacement gaskets for all models of HRS plate heat exchangers. 

HRS Emergency Repair

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HRS Maintenance

Stay ahead of costly breakdowns with our scheduled maintenance programs for all models of HRS heat exchangers.

WCR UK Provides Servicing, Repair, Maintenance, Gaskets and Plates for HRS Plate Heat Exchangers

We specialise in plate heat exchanger repair, maintenance and support for all HRS plate heat exchanger models. We have worked on HRS heat exchangers for many years in various industries across many processes and equipment types.

Why Choose HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers are the go-to solution for industries seeking highly efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable thermal transfer systems.

Thanks to their robust construction from AISI 304/316 stainless steel or titanium and compact design, they assure reliability and excellent performance. They feature a unique design that combines high theta and low theta thermal length plates for optimal heat transfer.

Equipped with a double seal arrangement, they ensure zero cross-contamination, adding an extra layer of safety. The design is flexible, allowing multi-section units for diverse applications.

Applications of HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers find widespread applications in a range of sectors, such as the Environmental, Food & beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial sectors.

From heating and cooling to pasteurising and sterilising, they are integral to the food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes.

HRS Heat Exchanger Technology

HRS Industrial and Hygienic Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers utilise a unique herringbone pattern to enhance the rate of heat transfer. The compact plate pack is assembled in a manner to create two sets of parallel channels for each liquid, contributing to high turbulence and, thus, an elevated heat transfer rate. Moreover, the Hygienic models feature glueless clip-type gaskets for easy servicing and maintenance, thus reducing operational downtime.

HRS Heat Exchanger Specifications

HRS offers a range of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs) in Gasketed or Brazed types. The standard frame material is painted carbon steel, but stainless steel frames are available for hygienic applications. They come in multi-pass and multi-stage design options, offering flexibility for various applications. Safety is ensured with a double seal gasket design, and for specific applications, double wall safety plates are utilised.

Equipment Types:

  • HRS Industrial Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • HRS Hygienic Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Frame Types:

  • Painted Carbon Steel (for industrial applications)
  • Stainless Steel (for hygienic applications)

Flow Type:

  • Single-pass
  • Multi-pass

Connection Types:

  • Threaded
  • Grooved Pipe (Victaulic)
  • Welded Flanges, Loose Flanges EN PN16-40 or ANSI 150-300lbs
  • Studded Ports – unlined, AISI 316 lined or rubber lined EN 1092-1
  • Tri-Clamps (Imperial and Metric)

Gasket Type:

  • Rubber Gasket
  • Glueless Clip Type Gasket

Gasket Materials:

  • Others available on request

Chevron Pattern:

  • Herringbone pattern

Plate Material:

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 (EN 1.4301)
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316L (EN 1.4404)
  • Titanium (Grade 1)
  • Alloy 254 SMO (EN 1.4547)

HRS Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance of HRS Heat Exchangers are made convenient with their demountable design, enabling easy servicing and adaptability to change duty requirements.

The heat exchanger can be fully refurbished with cleaning, crack testing, re-gasketing, and re-building processes. HRS’s design engineers and service team are available for redesigns and new plate pack fittings.

If you suspect your HRS heat exchanger of being blocked, check out our guide on how to check if you have a blocked plate heat exchanger.

HRS Heat Exchanger Parts & Services

WCR UK offers a comprehensive range of services for HRS Heat Exchangers, ensuring that your equipment is always running at peak performance.

Spare Parts:

  • Plates
  • Gaskets

On-Site Servicing:

  • Installation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Emergency repairs

Off-Site Servicing:

  • Complete refurbishment
  • Plate pack modifications

New Equipment:

  • Industrial Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Hygienic Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Site Survey:

WCR UK offers professional site surveys to ensure your heat exchanger equipment is optimally installed and maintained for maximum efficiency and longevity.


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