Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger - Replacement Plates

At WCR UK we can supply replacement Plate Heat Exchanger plates for all of the Schmidt-Bretten Plate Heat Exchanger models listed below.

All of our Schmidt-Bretten replacement plate heat exchanger parts are manufactured to original equipment standards. WCR’s knowledge and expertise about OEM specifications and availability give customers the peace of mind knowing their parts will be exact. WCR UK guarantees that every replacement Heat Exchanger plate sold will come with an equal or more extended warranty period compared to the original manufacturer.

We can supply a single heat exchanger plate to an entire plate pack. We can offer immediate shipment on most requests. Our turnaround time and price is unmatched in the industry. WCR UK can deliver your requirements.

WCR UK also offers plate heat exchanger service, plate heat exchanger maintenance and cleaning on all Schmidt-Bretten plate heat exchanger models.

To discuss ordering replacement plates for Schmidt-Bretten heat exchangers please contact us on 01246 856396.

Sigma 2 Series & V Series

Sigma 12Sigma 16Sigma 22Sigma 32Sigma 52Star 45Star 90

Sigma M Series & F Series

Sigma M27Sigma M36Sigma M37Sigma M66Sigma M76Sigma M106Sigma F45

Sigma X Series & 7 Series

Sigma X19Sigma X29Sigma X49Sigma 7Sigma 9Sigma 17Sigma 27Sigma 37

Sigma Z Series & Other Models

Sigma 30Sigma 64Sigma 65Sigma 85Sigma 108Sigma 109Sigma 138Sigma 166Sigma 38Sigma 48Sigma 60Sigma 114