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At WCR UK we service, repair and maintain all models of API Schmidt-Bretten plate heat exchangers.

API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchangers

API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger Plates

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API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger Gaskets

At WCR UK, we offer replacement gaskets for all models of API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchangers. 

API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger Emergency Repair

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API Schmidt-Bretten Maintenance

Stay ahead of costly breakdowns with our scheduled maintenance programs for all models of API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchangers.

WCR UK, Your API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger Service Partners

We specialise in plate heat exchanger repair, maintenance and support for all API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchanger models. We have service, maintained and repaired API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchangers for many years, in various industries across many processes and equipment types. It’s safe to say you are in good hands if you choose WCR UK to support your API Schmidt-Bretten exchangers.

Why Choose API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger?

Customers can experience unmatched efficiency with the SIGMA range of gasketed plate heat exchangers from API Schmidt-Bretten. Compact yet robust, these units boast high thermal capacity, often surpassing the performance of shell and tube variants five times their size.

Distinguished by a unique corrugation pattern that ensures maximum heat transfer, API Schmidt-Bretten’s solutions are highly sought after for a wide array of heat exchange needs.

Applications of API Schmidt-Bretten

The SIGMA plate heat exchangers from API Schmidt-Bretten have been successfully utilized across various industries due to their reliability under a broad range of conditions. From Automotive to Beverage, HVAC, Power Generation, and Chemical and Petrochemical industries, these heat exchangers consistently deliver high-performance results, even under the harshest operating conditions.

API Schmidt-Bretten Technology

API Schmidt-Bretten’s advanced heat exchanger technology guarantees efficient heat transfer while preventing product mixing, an essential aspect in applications separating boiler and process circuits.

The compact, high-efficiency design of their plate heat exchangers exemplifies API Schmidt-Bretten’s technological expertise and adaptability to diverse application requirements, thereby enabling them to offer custom-tailored, cost-effective solutions.

API Schmidt-Bretten Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Specifications

Equipment Types:

  • SIGMA range of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Frame Types:

  • Pressure frames are available in painted carbon steel, stainless steel-cladded carbon steel, or solid stainless steel.

Flow Type:

  • Operates under conditions from vacuums to 25-bar operating pressure.

Connection Types:

  • Studded bolts, flanges, threaded connections, aseptic and foodstuff connections.
  • Compliance with DIN 2501, EN 1092-1, and ANSI standards.

Gasket Type:

  • Mechanically fixed (SIGMAFIX) or glued gaskets in gasketed plates and semi-welded modules (SIGMADUAL).

Gasket Materials:

  • Variety includes nitrile, EPDM, FKM/Viton®, PTFE-enveloped elastomers (SIGMACOAT), Aramid fibres, and materials suitable for industrial and food applications.

Chevron Pattern:

  • Features H-Corrugation, W-Corrugation, Y-Corrugation, and F-Corrugation patterns.

Plate Material:

  • Constructed with various grades of AISI stainless steel, alloy 926, nickel, nickel alloys, titanium grade 1, and titanium grade 11.

API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

Our team ensures proper installation of the API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchangers for optimal performance and provides periodic maintenance to guarantee longevity. We offer guidance and support throughout the life-cycle of your equipment, with both on-site and off-site service options available.

API Schmidt-Bretten Heat Exchanger Parts & Services

Spare Parts:

  • Complete range of spare parts, including gaskets, plates, and connectors.

On-Site Servicing:

  • Expert team providing on-site maintenance and repair.

Off-Site Servicing:

  • Inspection, cleaning, and refurbishment of heat exchangers at our service facility.

New Equipment:

  • Over 40 variants of SIGMA plate heat exchangers are available.

Site Survey:

  • A free site survey of your plate heat exchangers is available on request.



API Schmidt-Bretten Plate Heat Exchanger Models

We supply replacement plates and gaskets for the models of Schmidt-Bretten gasketed plate heat exchangers below. We can supply gaskets for sigma m76, sigma m66, sigma s109, sigma s17, sigma s108, sigma s22 models and many more. 

Contact us if your model is not listed, as we will be able to advise and help.

Sigma 2 Series & V Series

Sigma 12Sigma 16Sigma 22Sigma 32Sigma 52Star 45Star 90

Sigma M Series & F Series

Sigma M27Sigma M36Sigma M37Sigma M66Sigma M76Sigma M106Sigma F45

Sigma X Series & 7 Series

Sigma X19Sigma X29Sigma X49Sigma 7Sigma 9Sigma 17Sigma 27Sigma 37

Sigma Z Series & Other Models

Sigma 30Sigma 64Sigma 65Sigma 85Sigma 108Sigma 109Sigma 138Sigma 166Sigma 38Sigma 48Sigma 60Sigma 114

All of the Manufacturers We Work With

We supply high-quality, reliable parts, gaskets, plates, and new units for all major plate heat exchanger manufacturers, not just the excellent range of API Schmidt-Bretten plate heat exchangers.

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