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Plate Heat Exchanger Servicing

Servicing, Repair & Cleaning

We carry an extensive range of heat exchanger parts required for servicing, repairing and cleaning all models of heat exchangers.

Our engineers are also able to provide a number of on-site services.

Whether your plate heat exchangers needs servicing, repairing or cleaning, our engineers will work as quickly as possible to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible, to ensure minimal downtime.

We fully train our staff in all aspects of our plate heat exchanger servicing and repair including PCN-approved non-destructive testing using a fluorescein dye penetrant.

To discuss your servicing, repair or maintenance requirements for your plate heat exchangers call us on: 01246 856396 or send us an email:

When we service plate heat exchangers, we carry out the following activities:

  • Log plates to ensure correct re-assembly of heat exchangers
  • Remove old gaskets
  • High pressure washing of plates to remove product build-up/scale
  • Non-abrasive chemical clean to remove deposits, ensuring the heat transfer area remains effective
  • Lightbox test for detection of large visible holes and cracks
  • Dye penetrant test for crack and pinhole detection in the plates
  • Remove dye penetrant fluid
  • Visual inspection for surface wear and pitting corrosion
  • Re-shape gasket groove to ensure the new gaskets seal properly
  • Remove glue/deposits in the heat exchanger gasket groove to ensure proper gasket seating
  • Full re-gasketing with the same material and method of attachment unless otherwise specified
  • For glue-in gaskets the plate packs are clamped and oven cured
  • Ensure correct positioning and adhesion on all gaskets before plates are reassembled
  • Heat exchangers sent as complete units are rebuilt and tested for leaks and crossover under a hydrostatic pressure test, before being returned
  • Plate frames are re-conditioned where needed to prolong its life

On-site Services

WCR engineers are on call 24 hours a day and can be reached via our main phone number: 01246 856396.

They are ready to visit your site to diagnose your plate heat exchangher problems and advise on the best solution.

Our engineers can work on any size of plate heat exchanger and remove plates for servicing and repairing. Our reassembly and tightening-down procedure is uses air powered wrench and hydraulic rams to minimise your downtime.

WCR has an excellent on-site safety record, with all staff having the CCNSG Passport to Safety; we have also have Safe Contractor accreditation and Construction Line Stage 2. Our engineers usually work as pairs but are all capable of working independently on smaller jobs or as part of a larger team when the job requires.

For food and dairy customers we offer hydrostatic pressure tests on all plate packs fitted on site. This ensures that there is no internal or external leaks between fitting of new packs and integrity testing of the unit.