SWEP Brazed Heat Exchanger Solutions: Single-phase heat exchangers

Single-phase heat exchange is the simplest form of heat transfer. All the media stay in the same phase (i.e. liquid or gas) throughout the process.

Common applications for SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers include engine and hydraulic oil cooling, domestic boiler systems and hot water systems. We offer a very wide range of compact heat exchangers in different materials whose excellent single-phase heat transfer performance meets all market demands.

Products: Single-phase heat exchangers

SWEP Brazed Plate Exchanger Model VH400T


Our VH400T evaporator is optimized for high performance with high-efficiency refrigerants, whose unique volumetric properties demand a specially designed distribution

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SWEP Brazed Plate Exchanger Model V250AS


Our V250AS is a high-efficiency single-circuit evaporator, specially developed for air- and water-cooled reversible chiller applications. Its large ports and

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