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Why Choose Tranter

Tranter heat exchangers are optimal for businesses seeking compact, efficient, and economical heat transfer solutions. The SUPERCHANGER® and ThermoFit™ series are known for their superior design promoting induced turbulence. This leads to maximum heat transfer while resisting fouling or scaling. 

The compact size and versatility of these exchangers serve a multitude of applications, and with a variety of alloys and gasket elastomer compounds available, they ensure maximum fluid compatibility.

Applications of Tranter

Tranter plate heat exchangers find widespread use across numerous applications. They are particularly beneficial where operating temperatures and pressures do not exceed 180°C (356°F) or 27.5 bar (400 psi). 

From HVAC systems and heat recovery from low-grade waste streams to handling viscous fluids or slurries and industrial fluids that require high heat transfer rates at low-pressure drops, these heat exchangers cater to a wide range of needs.

Tranter Technology

Tranter heat exchangers are recognized for the integration of advanced technologies. The ThermoFit™ series stands out due to its potential for reduced unit size, weight, and footprint across various applications. 

The HydroFit™ distribution section induces turbulent, balanced flow across the plate, maximizing heat exchange performance. 

The patent-pending OmniFlex™ heat exchange zones are devised to enhance mechanical contacts and ensure optimal usage of the heat transfer surface, facilitating high turbulence and enhanced heat transfer rates with a low-pressure drop.

Tranter Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Specifications

Equipment Types:

  • SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger
  • ThermoFit™ Plate Series

Frame Types:

  • Fixed Frame Plate
  • Movable Pressure Plate

Flow Type:

  • Turbulent Flow

Connection Types:

  • Carbon Steel
  • 316LSS
  • Titanium
  • Other materials available upon request

Gasket Type:

  • Halo™ Plate Alignment System with a Plate-to-Plate Nesting Feature

Gasket Materials:

  • NBR
  • EPDM

Chevron Pattern:

  • OmniFlex™ Heat Exchange Zones (Patent Pending)

Plate Material:

  • 304SS
  • 316SS
  • Titanium

Tranter Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

The design of Tranter heat exchangers simplifies the processes of installation and maintenance. They can be opened within their own footprint by loosening the tie-rod bolts and rolling the movable frame back to the support column. Their easy accessibility, combined with the high turbulence throughout the exchanger, which resists fouling and scaling, ensures low maintenance and superior longevity.

Tranter Heat Exchanger Parts & Services

Spare Parts:

A variety of spare parts are available from Tranter, including different gasket materials and plate materials to perfectly match your fluid characteristics.

On-Site Servicing:

WCR UK offers on-site servicing for all plate and frame heat exchanger brands. If you suspect your Tranter PHE of being blocked, check out our guide on troubleshooting a blocked plate heat exchanger.

Off-Site Servicing:

At WCR UK Service Centers, technical specialists provide off-site servicing for heat exchangers.

New Equipment:

Tranter offers a range of new equipment, including the renowned SUPERCHANGER® and ThermoFit™ series of heat exchangers.

Site Survey:

Tranter extends site survey services to evaluate specific needs and recommend suitable heat exchanger models.


All of the Manufacturers We Work With

We supply high-quality, reliable parts, gaskets, plates, and new units for all major plate heat exchanger manufacturers, not just the excellent range of Tranter plate heat exchangers.

Tranter plate heat exchangers


Tranter Heat Transfer Plates

Need high-quality replacement plates for your Tranter Gasketed heat exchangers? WCR UK provides plates suitable for all applications, from industrial processes to refrigeration and food processing.

Tranter Heat Exchanger Gaskets

At WCR UK, we offer premium replacement gaskets for all Tranter gasketed plate heat exchangers. 

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Sales

Discover premium Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers designed for high-efficiency heat transfer across diverse applications. Quality, versatility, and service guaranteed.

Tranter Service, Repair & Maintenance

Experience top-tier service, repair, and maintenance for your Tranter plate heat exchangers, ensuring optimal performance and longevity

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Models

We supply replacement plates and gaskets for the models of Tranter gasketed plate heat exchangers below. Contact us if your model is not listed, as we will be able to advise and help.

Tranter GFP-Series and GLD / GLP-Series


Tranter GX-Series

GX6GX12GX18GX26GX37GX42GX51GX60GX64GX85GX91GX 100

Tranter GXD-Series


Tranter GXP-Series and GF-Series


Tranter HX-Series AND HXD-Series


Tranter HXD-Series and HXP-Series


Tranter S / TW / TD / TP / GM Series


Tranter UXP-Series


Tranter UX-Series

UX-01UX-05 / UX-0606-TUX-10
UX-015 | UX-025 | UX-095UX-056 | UX-066 | UX-07606-T16 | 06-T26 | 06-T96UX-115 | UX-125 | UX-195
UX-016 | UX-026 | UX-096UX-058 | UX-068 | UX-07806-T18 | 06-T28 | 06-T98UX-116 | UX-126 | UX-196
UX01UX05 | UX0606-T10 | 06-T20 | 06-T90UX10
11TUX-20UX-40UX-80 | UX-81 | UX-83
11-TUX-215 | UX-225 | UX-295UX-415 | UX-425 | UX-495UX-815 | UX-825 | UX-895
11 TUX-216 | UX-226 | UX-296UX-416 | UX-426 | UX-496UX-816 | UX-826 | UX-896
UX-218 | UX-228 | UX-298UX-418 | UX-428 | UX-498UX-836 | UX-846 | UX-886
UX216 | UX226 | UX296 | UX20UX416 | UX426 | UX496UX-818 | UX-828 | UX-898
UX215 | UX225 | UX295UX415 | UX425 | UX495UX-838 | UX-848 | UX-888

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