Plate Heat Exchanger Experts

WCR UK Ltd specialise in the service, repair and maintenance of all types of plate heat exchangers.

Service, Repair and Maintenance

At WCR UK Ltd, heat exchanger maintenance and repair is our specialty. Rapid and responsive, on-site, off-site, we have you covered.

Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Our pioneering dye testing and cleaning processes are the best in the business, returning the plate heat exchanger back to optimal performance.

Replacement Gaskets & Plates

WCR UK Ltd stocks OEM-quality specified metal plates and gaskets for all makes and models of heat exchangers.

Full Service Regasketing

Our regasketing processes are the standard in heat exchanger repair and is tailored to each model, gasket type, and bonding agent for specific metals.

Your Trusted Partner in Plate Heat Exchanger Support

At WCR UK Ltd, we’re not just experts; we’re your dedicated partners in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your Plate Heat Exchangers. 

Our specialised team excels in repairing, maintaining, and servicing both gasketed and brazed heat exchangers. 

Whether you’re in need of onsite interventions or offsite consultations, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we supply top-quality replacement gaskets and metal plate packs for all leading brands of heat exchanger manufacturers.

Marine – Energy and Power Plants – Food & Beverage – Pharmaceutical – Chemical – Industry – HVAC – Petrol and Chemical – Hydrocarbon – Ethanol – Polymers

Trusted for Plate Heat Exchanger Service and Support

At WCR UK Ltd, we work with all kinds of industries and processes, large and small in industries such as Energy and Power, Petrol and Chemical, Food and Beverage and Marine. Our clients include the NHS, MOD, Carlsberg and many more.

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Plate Heat Exchanger Service and Repair Solutions

At WCR UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive capabilities to maintain, repair and clean plate heat exchangers in industries such as food and beverage, marine, dairy, petrol and chemical, energy and many other industries.

Our team of specialists is well-versed in servicing plate heat exchangers with a deep understanding of each plate heat exchangers manufacturer’s unique operational characteristics and maintenance requirements

Choose WCRUK for unparalleled expertise in Plate Heat Exchanger equipment repair and maintenance.

Plates, Gaskets and Spare Parts

At WCR UK Ltd we provide a wide range of high quality replacement gaskets, plate packs (and single plates) and spare parts for all major brands of plate heat exchangers.

With over 20 years of experience servicing and repairing plate heat exchanger equipment we have the expertise to keep your plate heat exchangers operating at its best.

Plate Heat Exchanger Resource Center

In our resources section you can find out how to deal with common problems like fouling, along with the basics of plate heat exchanger servicing and much more.

Further Insights into Our Heat Exchanger Expertise at WCR UK Ltd

Deepening Our Focus on Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers: At WCR UK, we pride ourselves on our specialised knowledge and services in the realm of gasketed plate heat exchangers, essential for various industrial applications.

Fluid and Heat Transfer Management: Our expertise extends to efficient management of fluids, utilising the full surface area of exchangers for optimal heat transfer. This ensures precise temperature control, vital for the smooth operation of industrial processes.

Broad Understanding of Heat Exchanger Technologies: While gasketed plate heat exchangers are our specialty, we possess a comprehensive understanding of other types, including brazed heat exchangers. We recognise the significance of Plate fin heat exchangers in the industry for their efficiency and compact design.

Maximising Thermal Efficiency: Our focus on thermal conductivity and thermal insulation plays a crucial role in enhancing the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your systems.

High-Quality Components and Design Expertise: We provide top-quality plates and gaskets for brands like APV, and our knowledge in chevron plate design aids in improving the efficiency of fluid dynamics and heat transfer in your systems.

Expertise in Flow and Heat Transfer Coefficients: Our skills in Flow distribution in manifolds and optimising the Overall heat transfer coefficient are key to the high performance of your heat exchangers.

Accurate Temperature Gradient Analysis: We employ precise Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) calculations, a principle crucial in various heat exchanger designs, including Plate fin heat exchangers.

Utilising LMTD for Enhanced System Performance: The LMTD method is a cornerstone of our approach to design and troubleshooting, ensuring your heat exchange systems operate at their best.

Your Industrial Heat Exchange Partner: For expert service, maintenance, and parts replacement, turn to WCR UK. We are dedicated to elevating the efficiency and reliability of your industrial heat exchange systems.

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