Marine Heat Exchanger Repair Services

WCR UK - Heat Exchanger Services for the Marine Industry

Specialised Expertise

Dedicated focus on marine heat exchanger repair, backed by years of experience addressing the unique challenges posed by the marine environment.

Rapid Response

Quick turnaround times for marine heat exchanger repair services, minimising downtime and ensuring vessels can resume operations swiftly.

Comprehensive Solutions

From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we cover the full spectrum of marine heat exchanger needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Quality Assurance

Utilising marine-grade components and adhering to the highest industry standards, we guarantee repairs that stand the test of time and challenging sea conditions.

Marine Heat Exchanger Repair Specialists

Marine heat exchanger repair is essential for maintaining vessel efficiency in the face of sea challenges. Prolonged exposure to saltwater and continuous operation necessitate regular maintenance and service. Heat exchangers, pivotal for shipboard operations, often require specialized support to combat marine-induced wear. WCR UK delivers expert marine heat exchanger maintenance, repair, and support, ensuring these critical components are always in peak condition

Marine Plate and Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Repairs

Marine Plate Heat Exchangers

For shipping vessels equipped with plate heat exchangers, maintenance is crucial to combat the rigours of being at sea, wear from saltwater, and continuous operation. At WCR UK, we provide thorough inspections, cleaning, repairs and plate and gasket replacements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your ships equipment.

Marine Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

The marine environment poses unique challenges for shell and tube heat exchangers. Our team specialises in tube cleaning, leak detection, and re-tubing, ensuring these critical components function efficiently.

Service Flexibility

To service and support marine cooling systems and heat exchangers require a deep working knowledge of both. Understanding the dynamic nature of marine operations, we offer heat exchanger maintenance services both when ships dock and during voyages. Whether on board or at our workshop, WCR UK is committed to delivering top-tier heat exchanger maintenance, even traveling on board to complete jobs when necessary.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Cleaning a marine heat exchanger requires expert knowledge. WCR UK pioneered the heat exchanger cleaning processes that have been copied by others.

Integrity Testing

Early discovery of plate defects eliminates cross-contamination concerns, saving costly downtime at sea.

Replacement Plates and Gaskets

Our plates and gaskets for heat exchangers are available in a wide range of materials suitable for marine applications.

Full Service Regasketing

Our regasketing processes are the standard in marine heat exchanger repair and is tailored to each model, gasket type, and bonding agent.

Trusted for Marine Heat Exchanger Service and Support

At WCR UK our clients include the P&O, Red Funnel, Royal Navy and many more.

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