Specialist Heat Exchanger Cleaning Solutions

Ensure longevity and efficiency of your heat transfer equipment with professional heat exchanger cleaning.

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Expert Heat Exchanger Cleaning

WCR's heat exchanger cleaning process can help extend your plate and frame heat exchangers and reduce maintenance costs by removing harmful contaminants from a blocked heat exchanger and restoring efficiency to your heat transfer process.

Restore Peak Performance

Our heat exchanger cleaning services rejuvenate your heat transfer equipment, restoring it to its optimal condition and efficiency.

Minimise Costly Downtime

Minimise downtime and maintenance costs with our streamlined heat exchanger cleaning services, designed to get your heat exchangers up and running faster.

Sustained and Consistent Performance

Regular cleaning not only maintains but enhances the performance of your heat exchangers, ensuring consistent and efficient heat transfer for longer.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning by Qualified Professional Engineers

At WCR, we invented and perfected the heat exchanger cleaning process that other heat exchanger cleaning companies imitated. 

We built our reputation by utilising select cleansing methods for different applications, using the most advanced equipment on the market to remove all contaminants from your heat exchange system, and returning the heat exchanger to optimal performance.

Our aim is to minimise downtime and improve equipment life and improve process efficiency with best in class heat exchanger cleaning services.

Plate heat exchanger heat exchanger cleaning

Here is a short clip of a selection of heat exchanger plates being steam cleaned at our premises.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Ensures Enhanced System Performance

Heat exchanger maintenance and cleaning can be done in various tried and tested ways, including;

  • Mechanical cleaning – Plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning (on-site or off-site) can be done with a high pressure water and using brushes suitable for all kinds plate materials.

  • Chemical cleaning – When cleaning plates with gaskets still installed a chemical cleaning process includes specially developed plate heat exchanger cleaning chemicals that are non-toxic to safeguard gasket, glue and heat transfer surfaces.

  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) – CIP on-site cleaning enables quick and easy inline cleaning without totally dismantling and removing the heat exchanger equipment, saving costly downtime.

Cleaning heat exchangers for companies big and small for over 25 years